Courage To Continue, LLC was founded by Rachel Brummert. It is a company dedicated to empowering individuals, overcoming trauma, and encouraging social change. We accomplish this by producing thought-provoking films and public service announcements, through public speaking, and collaborating with other organizations to affect positive change.

Current projects:

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) public service announcement- April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To show support for sexual assault victims and survivors, Courage to Continue Productions will be producing a public service announcement featuring survivors and community leaders. We will be outlining statistics on sexual violence and explain how communities can come together to end victim blaming and reduce sexual assault. Together we can create a safe place for open discussion to help those affected.
  • The Strings Attached documentary, a gritty and raw documentary film that addresses domestic violence and sexual assault by exposing blind spots facing victims and the strings attached after escaping violence. Its aim is to answer “Why don’t women just leave?” and “Why sexual assault is so underreported”.