About the Book

This upcoming book, part of the I’Mpossible Project series, is a collection of true stories by patient safety advocates about medical harm. Here we share our stories and tips that we have learned along the way help guide our readers through a complicated and often flawed healthcare system.

Guidelines for Submissions

  1. Please keep submissions limited to 1,000 words (approximately a page and a half)
  2. Explain how you became involved in patient safety and how medical harm affected your life.
  3. This story has to either be about you or include you, you must include your real name (you can protect other people’s identities in the story if need be). It can be 1% hopeful or 100% hopeful, but you’re telling your story in order to help other people
  4. At the end of your story please include one to three tips that you learned navigating the healthcare system and how readers can avoid the pitfalls based on your story.
  5. Please submit a short bio that will appear at the end of the book (100 words)

A Few Things:

  1. Please send your submission to curator Rachel Brummert at rachel@rachelbrummert.com. Please put Patient Safety Book Submission in the subject line to ensure the story doesn’t get lost.
  2. You will receive a waiver allowing me to use your story in the book.
  3. Your story may be edited for clarity, spelling, and grammar. The edits will be sent back to you for approval before your story is used.
  4. Your story can have some of your original poetry in it. You can write the story from a more creative bent, or you can write your story in more of a memoir-style. If writing in a memoir-style, be sure to include your emotions and feeling and include some dialogue so the story isn’t just a chronological order of the events that happened.