Strings Attached Documentary

From Executive Producers Jennifer Tucker and Rachel Brummert, comes the Strings Attached documentary, an eye-opening film created to address domestic violence and sexual assault in U.S. culture by exposing the blind spots to the public at large.

Jennifer and Rachel are both trained Safe Alliance Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau members where they met in February 2019. 

Jennifer Tucker is a prolific speaker, with a strong drive to educate employers about the role they play in the domestic violence world. She speaks up about how domestic violence relationships develop and become patterns, poverty among women, and workplace abuse and injustices in hopes of provoking change.

Jennifer, who is a domestic abuse survivor herself has dreams of starting her own foundation for domestic abuse victims, to address the major gaps in the system of care, support, and resources provided, to empower victims to change their lives. In her own words, she explains her vision:

“This foundation would be a directory of support like no other” she says. “When a victim calls a hotline or agency to seek help, they often are given the run-around, being told to call several different numbers, which can be tedious and exhausting for someone in an intense state of distress. The system is broken and there are not enough resources to help these victims. There are only approximately 1,100 domestic violence shelters in the United States and thousands of women a day are turned away from those shelters, with nowhere to go except back to their abusers. The foundation would be the victim’s first point of contact; and would handle the burden of obtaining resources on the victim’s behalf.”

Rachel Brummert is a Special Government Employee (SGE) at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. She is Founder and CEO of Community Impact, an organization headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina that works with local community organizations focusing on nursing homes, domestic violence, sexual violence, mental health, and veterans’ issues.

Rachel is a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor, which has fueled her determination to help others in similar situations. Turning pain into purpose, she is a powerful public speaker, fierce advocate, and a strong voice for the voiceless.  


Featuring original music by Jennifer Tucker, including Women’s Anthem.. 

Documentary release date: To be determined

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