Founded by Rachel Brummert, Courage To Continue, is dedicated to empowering individuals, overcoming trauma, and encouraging social change. We accomplish this by producing thought-provoking films and public service announcements, through public speaking, and collaborating with other organizations to affect positive change.

Current projects


  • Dark Sabre, an investigative multi-episode docuseries on military reform. How do we protect our soldiers who protect us?


  • Every 73 Seconds, an investigative full feature documentary about one of the most awkward and painful topics: sexual assault. In the United States, a person is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. Three out of four assaults go unreported, leaving victims to bury their pain. The film aims to dismantle misconceptions and to remove stigma.


  • Shaping Violence, a limited documentary series explores risk factors and precursors to domestic violence. Can we intervene early to reduce the risk of domestic violence in adulthood?


  • Tent City, a short film about the affordable housing crisis in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just outside the shining lights of the Charlotte city skyline are Tent Cities where our homeless neighbors live. Tent City discusses short term and long term solutions and to help Tent City residents find sanitary, permanent housing.