COVID-19 update

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has reached out and sent well wishes after reading about my experience with COVID-19. It has been truly touching.

As previously reported, I have been practicing social distancing and was only in contact with three people in the past three weeks, one of which did test positive for the virus. Some reports have implied groceries or packages were how I contracted the virus. I want to be clear, at this time, no one can be 100 percent sure of the source.

As a long-time patient advocate, I appreciate the opportunity to be of service and educate the public. However, right now, my health is of the utmost importance and for the immediate future, I am focusing exclusively on fighting this terrible virus and getting better. I would appreciate the media respect my privacy at this time.


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  1. hey Rachel, sad news about you, hope you are doing well, I got interested when I read that you have an autoinmune disease. I have multiple sclerosis and would like you to share, if you are agree with this, which is that disease you have, so I can take care better of myself and of course whoever are surround me. Cheers fron Argentina, wish you best! I started following on insta as joelmestres

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