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Courage to Continue Productions is an independent investigative film production company dedicated to sharing the stories of those who have been through the unimaginable and helping to find solutions for positive change.

Currently in production is Every 73 Seconds, and Moral Pedestal.

Producing an independent film takes a lot of time and money and we need your help!

Because we are independent film makers we rely on public support. Your donation will help us with camera and equipment rentals, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, location permits, filming permits, travel for interviews, editing, licensing, post production costs, streaming services/film festival fees, and other production costs.

Donations on each platform listed below will show on your statement as Courage To Continue, LLC, the production company making these films.

Please help us make these films; people are depending on us to give them a voice and help make changes necessary for their well-being and safety.

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