Overview: Outbreak: COVID-19 is a short documentary film about the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and takes an intimate look at the lives affected by the virus.

Production title: Outbreak : COVID-19

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short film
Production location: Zoom or Skype

Production Company: Courage to Continue Productions
Company website: https://rachelbrummert.com/outbreak-covid19/
Director: Rachel Brummert
Producer: Rachel Brummert

Compensation: No

Please send your name, contact information, and a short synopsis of your story. You will be contacted by a producer for further discussion.


  • Patients who contracted COVID-19
  • Healthcare workers who treated patients
  • First responders (police, medics, firefighters)
  • Businesses that had to close down during pandemic and suffered financially
  • Politicians and the effects of COVID on campaigns
  • Essential workers (grocery, truck drivers)
  • Students who missed graduation

Please contact Rachel at rachel@couragetocontinueproductions.com