Rachel Brummert is Founder and CEO of Courage to Continue, LLC.  Personifying her motto, Turning Pain Into Purpose, she uses her voice and passion to advocate for others through film, public speaking, and community engagement.

Patient safety

Since 2006, Rachel has suffered severe adverse reactions to an antibiotic called Levaquin, which disabled her. In addition, she has suffered adverse events from medical devices. Drawing on her experiences over the last 14 years, she uses her voice as a public speaker to educate others and help prevent medical harm. She also uses her voice and skills as a Consumer Representative at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Not only is her story powerful and shocking, but it is also hopeful: Her voice led to vital changes in patient safety.

Suggested topics:

  • Antibiotic stewardship
  • Understanding FDA procedure
  • What you need to know about adverse events from medical devices and medications
  • Working as a team with your healthcare providers
  • The FDA Consumer Representative perspective
  • Surviving COVID-19
  • How can pharmacogenomics (PGx) help predict adverse events in medications and medical devices?


Domestic violence and sexual assault

Rachel is a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor and a trained member of the Mecklenburg County Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau. Through her eyes, we bear witness to the brutal domestic violence she suffered at the hands of an ex and to the trauma she suffered after sexual assault. She shares her painful stories of violence at public speaking and community engagement events to raise awareness and to be part of the solution in preventing domestic and sexual violence.

Suggested topics:

  • Coping with PTSD
  • Victim shaming: Busting the myths of “Why women don’t report” and “Why don’t they just leave?”
  • Recognizing red-flags
  • Life after abuse
  • Panel discussions about violence and Every 73 Seconds documentary.
  • Engaging with law enforcement: What I wish was done differently in my cases

To book Rachel for these or other topics, e-mail her at rachel@rachelbrummert.com