Public Speaking



Hey y’all! I’m Rachel Brummert. I have been a public speaker since 2012. I speak from the heart and from my own personal experiences on the causes I am passionate about, supported by knowledge, facts, and statistics from my extensive research and subject interviews. I specialize in topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, patient safety, pharmacovigilance, and pharmacogenomics.

As an experienced public speaker and documentary film maker, I know how to connect with an audience using personal stories and documented facts. In our current era of bias and talking points, I take an objective approach, empowering listeners to think for themselves, be their own advocates as they face personal challenges, work towards their goals, and seek support within their own communities.

If you think you would be interested in having me speak at an event, please contact me at about my background, discuss your specific needs, and answer any questions you have.